Panel Fan Units

Gator Products stocks various sizes of Leipole Electric panel fan units and grills. All our fans are ball bearing with CE and RoHS certification. All our fans are also IP 43 Rating. Excluding the Cabinet Vortex Fan which has an IP 55 rating.

Product Code Product Description
ENF2E190230DSP Cabinet top vent complete with 230 Volt fan
ENFK6622230 Fan & Filter set 148.5 x 148.5mm 230 volt
ENFK6622300 Filter Grill only 148.5 x 148.5mm
ENFK6623230 Fan & Filter set 204 x 204mm 230 volt
ENFK6623300 Filter Grill only 204 x 204mm
ENFK6625230 Fan & Filter set 255 x 255mm 230 volt
ENFK6625300 Filter Grill only 255 x 255mm


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