Programmable Logic Controllers

A programmable logic controller is a digital computer used when electro-mechanical processes are being automated. Processes included here are the control of machinery on amusement rides, lighting fixtures, as well as factory assembly lines. Industrial programmable logic controllers are  manufactured with the aim of withstanding any vibration or impact, resisting extreme temperatures, and offering immunity to any kind of electrical noise. It consists of a number of input and output arrangements.

Industrial programmable logic controllers are what are called a real time system, meaning output results are produced in response to input conditions within a specific period of time; if not, unintended operation will most likely occur.

Programmable logic controllers:

  • Have the facility for extensive input/output arrangements
  • Can withstand severe conditions which include dust, moisture, heat and cold
  • The input/output arrangements connect the industrial programmable logic controller to sensors and actuators, which subsequently allows it to read the positions of complex positioning systems, analog process variables, like pressure and temperature, as well as limit switches.

Gator Products are one of the distributors of Rievtech Electronics micro programmable logic controllers. We have been importing and working closely with Rievtech for 8 years and receive outstanding support. With teams of mechatronics engineers programming and supporting the Rievtech PLC projects, new and prospective clients are in safe hands.

Gator Products provide interactive Rievtech PLC training courses to educate and pass knowledge onto clients and students.

The two series of PLC’s Gator Products Stock are:

Rievtech PR Series of PLC’s

Rievtech Remote Series of PLC’s

We invest heavily in the areas of quality, R&D and new product and solution innovations.

Rievtech Electronics incorporates Eco-design into its processes and ensures compliance with environmental directives, including the RoHS regulations.