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Level Transducers

The Gator WTL01 range of level transducers (also known as divers) are industry standard economical transmitters suitable for liquid level measuring. They make use of a highly sensitivity piezo resistive silicon pressure chip within in the transmitter.

The main body of the unit is manufactured from stainless steel and the unit offers an accuracy of ±0.5% of full scale with a over pressure rating of 200% of full scale. Transmitters are equipped with vented cables.

We stock the following standard units: 0 to 2 meter depth and  0 to 10 meter depth in 4 to 20mA feedback signal.


Transmitters with other depth ratings, cable lengths and feedback signals can be specially ordered to meet your needs.

Transmitters suited for borehole operation requiring longer cable lengths and greater depth ratings can also be specially ordered.

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