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Senlan SB200 Series

The SB200 series variable speed drives are V/F type drives well suited for variable torque applications such as centrifugal pumping and fans.

Power range –
  ~ 1.5 kW to 400 kW in 400 VAC 3 phase input & output 



  • Two PID Settings – The SB200 has two separate PID settings. PID control is used when constant pressure or constant flow is required in the system. The VSD will regulate motor speed to adjust the actual pipeline condition to meet the required single or selected multi reference pressure or flow set point in use. This is useful in all closed loop systems, be it temperature, pressure, vacuum.
  • Multiple Water Pump Control – The SB200 is capable of supporting up to 3 pumps without additional expansion I/O cards being required (up to 5 with an expansion I/O card).
  • Dual Acceleration/Deceleration – The SB200 offers 2 Acceleration/Deceleration functions which can be switched from one to the other at different speeds or selected automatically using one of the many digital inputs available on the drive as described below.
  • Over Current Stall Prevention – The SB200 has the ability to be set so as to curb the amperage drawn by the pumps motor.
  • Optional full LCD Display – The SB-PU04 liquid crystal display offers additional functionality over the conventional SB-PU70 LED display.
  • On Board Clock / Timer for Automated Operation – As mentioned above, the SB-PU04 LCD display offers an internal clock with 8 daily time settings (combination of on and off).
  • Analogue Inputs – The SB200 is the only drive in the market known to support 3 analogue inputs. Each input can be set to accept one of the many industry standard sensor feedback types including: 0 – 5V, 0 – 10V, 0 – 20mA, 4 – 20mA and various others.
  • Feedback Lost Detection – The SB200 drive is equipped with a feature to monitor the feedback sensor in the system which provides the actual pipeline condition (pressure or flow) and to fault the drive if this sensor is not providing feedback to the required set levels.
  • Analogue Outputs – The SB200 supports 2 programmable analogue outputs each that can be set to provide different analogue reading such as: working frequency, output current, output power, value of analogue input 1, value of analogue input 2, value of analogue input 3, etc. These values can be fed back to third party devices such as PLC’s and irrigation control systems.
  • Digital Inputs – The SB200 has 8 standard (additional inputs and outputs are available when using an expansion board) programmable digital inputs each that can be set to carry out a different function such as: switch between acceleration/deceleration 1 and 2, activate an external fault, activate a multi speed or multi PID setting, stop and start the drive, etc.
  • Digital Outputs – The SB200 has 5 standard relay outputs and 2 standard digital output (additional inputs and outputs are available when using an expansion board) each that can be set to carry out a different function such as: activate on motor overload, activate on fault, upper frequency limit reached, lower frequency limit reached and many other. No other drive in the industry offers this amount of outputs without the need for an additional expansion board.


  • HVAC
  • Water Supply and Sewage Treatment



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