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Rievtech HMI


Rievtech’s line of multi touch HMI’s go beyond that of the standard industrial HMI panels with elegant edge to edge designs, rugged robust construction, powerful performance and flexible communications options.



Virtual Network Conncetion Client Application – for remote control and monitoring of control, process systems

VNC client application can allow for remote control of a Rievtech multi-Touch HMI. The HMI must have the VNC server function enabled and be accessible over an Ethernet network. The mobile device must be running a VNC client application and have access to the HMI on the network.

In order to connect to the HMI from a smart phone or tablet over the internet, you will need a static IP address in the HMI. It may be neccessary to open a port on the local area network to allow for access to the HMI.


The above feature allows remote control and monitoring of the HMI’s control system with the touch of a button.

Additional Features

  • Brighter IPS panel with minimal reflection
  • 24 Bit panel display with 16.7 million colours
  • Powerful CPU computing
    • with 600Mhz CPU
    • 12 times faster speed to display JPEG
    • 15 times faster for reading and writing PLC data
    • shorter boot time
    • faster switching speed
  • PCB Coating for enhanced protection from dust
  • Communications to different types of hardware using high speed
    • RS232, 422 and 485 comms. ports
    • Ethernet 10 Base T and 100 Base TX Communications
  • USB ports for faster downloads
  • Data logging and trending

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